The Taraki Website has been put together by a group of young Afghans, Americans and Canadians and with the support of the Taraki Foundation for Culture and Civil Society.
This site has been developed during the time of great sorrow and unfair judgment about the political and cultural personality of Noor M. Taraki and his friends and followers.

Noor Taraki is among the founders of the contemporary Afghan political and social thinking. With his direct participation and leadership major Afghan political parties such as Wish Zalmyan (Awakened Youth) and People Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) have been established and nurtured. He stayed as the ideological and organizational centre of these movements for more than two decades.

After the great Amania (1919-1929) period Taraki and his friends attempts made it possible for different Afghan ethnic groups to focus their joint efforts on the national, economic and labour issues.
Taraki is one of the most active and creative contemporary novelist. He is considered the first novelist in Pashto language on social and women rights issues. His novels are focused on labour issues, wealth distribution injustice and women’s’ rights. His social and literature vision of Afghanistan and South Asia encouraged him to start political activities as he believed that only through public service and political activism one can bring changes to the society.

Although Taraki’s ideas and vision did not materialize and he also lost his life during this struggle; his concepts and socialist views have been followed by many Afghan and Pakistani political parties and government leaders under different names and titles.

This website will follow the Taraki Foundation policy and will focus on highlighting alternative political and social issues in Afghanistan and region. The site will raise awareness among scholars and academia to be able to find ideas and developmental strategies voiced by Afghan

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